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Saturday January 15th, 2011 @ 03:23 PM

Premiere of “Self-portrait in back”

We are pleased to invite you to the premiere of the Bulgarian documentary “Self-portrait in the back” on 28.11.2011, which will take place at the Bulgarian Cultural Center – Paris. The film tells about the life and works of famous artist Latchezar Ochavkov, who lives and works in Paris. The event, which led to the [...]



The project “SHARP – A platform for Sharing and Re-Presenting” is realized by a group of media experts who are representatives of seven European countries – Italy, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania. The project coordinator is from Italy – University of Pavia (Communication and Psychology Departments). The duration of the project is three years, funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme and will continue until the end of 2012.

One of the main goals of the project is to realize web-platform to edit shared audio and video products online (video presentations), which assists in social integration of citizens and cultural territory in their region.

Each SHARP’s member will identify according to his local conditions people at risk of social or digital marginalization, due to the rapid penetration of digital technology in communication. These are citizens who have difficulty adapting to the new environment because they do not have the necessary information about digital technology and have no skills for self-representation in the new social networks. A great focus is on educational institutions where gap among generations is tangible because of digital technology.

The project is trainning in visual communication through practical learning skills connected with video technologies. The final video products of the training process will be distributed among all participants through the project web-platform that enables the exchange of comments, mixing approaches, visions, ideas in the name of meaningful communication between European people and communities.

“Easy communication” association is the Bulgarian representative of the project SHARP that aims to teach adults (mostly teachers from secondary schools and universities) in the use of video as a tool in education and technological capacity for emipirical research of scientific work (creating video interviews, surveys, research areas, identities, etc.).