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Saturday January 15th, 2011 @ 03:23 PM

Premiere of “Self-portrait in back”

We are pleased to invite you to the premiere of the Bulgarian documentary “Self-portrait in the back” on 28.11.2011, which will take place at the Bulgarian Cultural Center – Paris. The film tells about the life and works of famous artist Latchezar Ochavkov, who lives and works in Paris. The event, which led to the [...]

„V&Z” cooperates to German-French TV channel ARTE. In the period of May-June 2009, during the elections for the European parlament, they prepared 9 films-reports showing the face of Bulgaria at that time. The reports are part of the project “27 et moi” – Zoom Europe.

The team creates the documentary film “TEO”, presented in the Hugarian cultural centre in Sofia and the Bulgarian cultural centre in Budapest. The team shoots and made a lot of documentary films produced from the public medias for the Bulgarian National Television.

Two DVD in order of Theatre “Pan” teach and give ideas to the children how prepare a party and carnival costumes. The materials are not expensive and easy to be found, there are everywhere around us – for example the plastic bags in different colours. It is worth to see the ideas for the make up as well. And one party is not possible without dancing. So in the two DVD you can find dancing lessons too.

“Excerpt from the background” is a story for two Americans who live in Sofia. She is a singer and he is a painter. They are both fall in love in Bulgaria. In their eyes our life looks different. Looking at their point of view, seems that we – the Bulgarians behave as emigrants in our own country.

Series of shows „BG Where? Where?”
„BG Where? Where?” was broadcast for the first time in 22.05.2006 on TV 7 channel. The series consist short films (5-7 min) which tells interesting stories about Bulgaria. Centre of the stories are landmarks, historical events and personnes, strange hobbies, sports and everything else which is connected with the free time of pupils.